The Isle of Skye is a renowned destination for both game and sea fishing. We have some of the most spectacular lochs and rivers located in stunning scenery teaming with brown trout, slamon and sea trout.

The sea fishing marks are equally awe inspiring and yield a large number of species including pollack, wrasse, conger, wrays and that perennial summer favourite, mackerel. We sell a good range of tackle for all of your requirements and are a supplier of both Shakespeare and Fladen equipment. We also sell a big selection of spinners, feathers etc. and also keep a stck of frozen bait.

Game fishing

We are the sole seller of permits for the Portree Angling Association who oversee the major brown trout lochs which are mainly situated to the north of Portree. More information on their waters can be found at

Sea fishing

The main shore marks are to be found in the north and west of the island where the water is deep, clear and productive. Catches of fish close to double figures from the shore are not uncommon.

Fishing Brands Stocked